Powder diffraction

  • Bruker D8 Advance

Powder Diffractometer with Kα1 monochromator for measurement in Bragg-Brentano reflection mode. Attachments include a high-temperature chamber PAAR HTK 1200 (sample under inert gas atmosphere, air, oxygen or in vacuum, temperature range 298-1273 K) and an Oxford Instruments helium cryostat (sample in vacuum, temperature range 298-10 K).

  • PANalytical Empyrean

Powder diffractometer with Kα1 monochromator for measurements in both reflection (flat plate sample) and transmission (capillary) geometry. Built in elliptical mirrors provide good intensities due to beam focussing for transmission measurements. Samples in capillaries can me measured between 500 K and cryogenic temperatures (90 K, liquid N2) with an Oxford Cryostream attachment. Maximum temperatures of approximately 900 K can be reached in transmission mode using a hot air blower. Automatic sample changers allow for fully atomized measurements of up to 45 samples. Additionally, we have sample holders for small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), which we are commonly using for nanoparticles or liquid crystals.


Transmission Powder Diffractometer with curved image plate detector. The accessible temperature range of the STOE high-temperature furnace is 233-1273 K.

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