Publications by year


Structural Phase Transitions in closo-Dicarbadodecaboranes C2B10H12.

Brighi M., Murgia F., Lodziana Z. and Cerny R.

J. Inorg. Chem. (2022), 61, 5813-5823,

Expanded soli-solution behavior and charge-discharge asymmetry in NaxCrO2 Na-ion battery electrodes.

Jakobsen Ch.L., Brighi M., Andersen B.P., Ducrest G., Cerny R. and Ravnsbaek D.B.

J. Power Sources (2022), 535, 231317,



Metal hydroborates: From hydrogen stores to solid electrolytes.

Cerny R., Murgia F. and Brighi M.

J. Alloys Compounds(2021), 895, 162659,

Mechanical Behavior and Dendrite Resistance of closo-Hydroborate Solid Electrolyte.

Brighi M., Murgia F., Cerny R.

Adv. Materials Interfaces (2022), 9, 202101254

Enhanced Room-Temperature Ionic Conductivity of NaCB11H12 via High-Energy Mechanical Milling.

Murgia F., Brighi M., Piveteau L., Avalos C.E., Gulino V., Nierstenhöfer M.C., Ngene P., de Jongh P. and Cerny R.

Appl. Materials Interfaces (2021), 13, 61346-61356,

Chapter “Structures” in book “Powder diffraction”

Cerny R.

Powder Diffraction, Kaduk, J.A., Billinge, S.J.L., Dinnebier, R.E. et al. Nat Rev Methods Primers 1, 77 (2021).

Nido-Hydroborate-Based Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries

Payandeh GharibDoust S.H., Rentsch D., Lodziana Z., Asakura R., Bigler L., Cerny R., Battaglia C., Remhof A.

Adv. Func. Mat. (2021), 2010046,

Room-Temperature Solid-State Lithium-ion Battery Using a LiBH4-MgO Composite Electrolyte

Gulino V., Brighi M., Murgia F., Ngene P., de Jongh P., Cerny R. and Baricco M.

Appl. Energy Mater. (2021), 4, 14, 1228-1236

Quenchable Porous High-Temperature Polymorph of Sodium Imidazolate, NaIm.

Burazer S., Robeyns K., Guénée L., Mali G., Morelle F., Ban V., Klaser T., Filinchuk Ya., Cerny R., Popovic J.

Cryst. Growth. Des. (2021), 21, 770-778

Polymorphism of Calcium Decahydrido-closo-decaborate and Characterisation of its Hydrates

Jorgensen M. , Zhou W., Wu H., Udovic T.J., Paskevicius M., Cerny R., Jensen T.R.J.

Inorg. Chem.. (2021), 60, 10943-10957


High-field superconductivity in C-doped MgB2 bulk samples prepared by a rapid synthesis route

Matera D., Bonura M., Cerny R., McKeown Walker A., Buta F., LeBoeuf D., Chaud X., Giannini E. and Senatore C.

Scientific Reports (2020), 10:17656

Closo-Hydroborate Sodium Salts as an Emerging Class of Room-Temperature Solid Electrolytes

 Brighi M., Murgia F, Černý R.

Cell reports physical science

The crystal Chemistry of Inorganic Hydroborates

 Černý R.,  Brighi M.,  Murgia F.

Chemistry 2020, 2(4), 805-826

The mechanism of Mg2+ conduction in ammine magnesium borohydride promoted by a neutral molecule

Yan Y., Dononelli W., Jorgensen M., Grinderslev J.B., Lee Y-Su, Cho Y. W., Cerny R., Hammer B., Jensen T.R.J.

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (2020), 22, 9204-9209

Ammonia-assisted fast Li-ion conductivity in a new hemiammine lithium borohydride, LiBH4 . 1/2NH3

Yan Y., Grinderslev J.B., Lee Y-Su, Jorgensen M., Cho Y. W., Cerny R., Jensen T.R.J.

Chem. Commun. (2020), 56, 3971-3974,

Structural Diversity and Trends in Properties of an Array of Hydrogen-Rich Ammonium Metal Borohydrides

Grinderslev J.B., Jensen L.H., Lee Y-Su, Moller K.T., Cho Y. W., Cerny R., Jensen T.R.J.

Inorg. Chem.. (2020), 59, 12733-12747,

Nido-Borate/Closo-Borate Mixed-Anion Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Batteries.

Payandeh GharibDoust S.H., Asakura R., Avramidou P., Rentsch D., Lodziana Z., Cerny R., Remhof A., Battaglia C.

Chem. Mater. (2020), 32, 1101-1110

Understanding Superionic Conductivity in Lithium and Sodium Salts of Weakly Coordinating Closo-Hexahalocarbaborate Anions.

Jorgensen M., Shea P.T., Tomich A.W., Varley J.B., Bercx M., Lovera S., Cerny R., Zhou W., Udovic T.J., Lavallo V., Jensen T.R.J., Wood B.C., Stavila V.

Chem. Mater. (2020), 32, 1475-1487


Phase Stability and Fast Ion Conductivity in the Hexagonal LiBH4-LiBr-LiCl Solid Solution.

Gulino V., Brighi M., Dematteis E.M., Murgia F., Nervi C., Cerny R. and Baricco M.

Chem. Mater. (2019), 31, 14, 5133-5144

Ethanol- and methanol-coordinated and solvent-free dodecahydro closo-dodecaborates of 3d transition metals and of magnesium.

Didelot E., Lodziana Z., Murgia F. and Cerny R.

Crystals (2019), 9(7), 372

Room-temperature-operating Na-ion solid state-battery with complex hydride as electrolyte.

Murgia F., Brighi M. and Cerny R.

Electrochem. Comm. (2019), 106, 106534

Improvement of the ionic conductivity on new substituted borohydride argyrodites.

Dao A.-H., Lopez-Aranguren P., Cerny R., Guiader O., Zhang J., Cuevas F., Latroche M., Jordy Ch.

Solid State Ionics (2019), 339, 114987

Hydrated and anhydrous dodecahydro closo-dodecaborates of 3d transition metals and of magnesium.

Didelot E., Sadikin Y., Lodziana Z. and Cerny R.

Solid State Sciences (2019), 90, 86-94

Mixed-Metal Imidazolates Containing Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals: Mechanochemical Synthesis and Crystal Structure of AMgIm3 (A=Na or K).

Burazer S., Morelle F., Filinchuk Ya., Cerny R., Popovic J.

Inorg. Chem. (2019), 58, 6927-6933



A mixed anion hydroborate/carba-hydroborate as a room temperature Na-ion solid electrolyte.
Brighi M., Murgia F., Lodziana Z., Schouwink P., Wolczyk A. and Cerny R.
J. Power Sources (2018), 404, 7-12

New phases in the Rb-Mg-N-H and Rb-N-H systems: a structural characterization.
A. Santoru, C. Pistidda, M. Brighi, M.R. Chierotti, M. Heere, F. Karimi, H. Cao, G. Capurso, G. Gizer, S. Garroni, J. Puszkiel, M.H. Sørby, B.C. Hauback, P. Chen, R. Cerny, T. Klassen and M. Dornheim
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Synthesis and crystal structure of solvent-free dodecahydro closo-dodecaborate of nickel, NiB12H12.
Sadikin Y., Didelot E., Lodziana Z. and Cerny R.
Dalton Trans. (2018), 47, 5843-5849




Solid Aluminum Borohydrides as Perspective Hydrogen Stores.
Dovgaliuk I., Safin D., Tumanov N., Morelle F., Cerny R., Lodziana Z., Devillers M. and Filinchuk Ya.
ChemSusChem (2017), 10, 4725-4734

An innovative in situ ball mill for X-ray diffraction.
Ban V., Sadikin Y., Lange M., Tumanov N., Filinchuk Y., Cerny R. and Casati N.
Analyt. Chemistry (2017), 89, 13176-13181

Rapid synthesis of MgB2 by inductive heating.
Matera D., Bonura M., Barth C., Fête A., Cerny R., Giannini E. and Senatore C.
IEEE Trans. Applied Supracond. (2017), 28, no. 4, 6200405

Synthesis, structure and properties of bimetallic sodium rare earth (RE) borohydrides, NaRE(BH4)4, RE = Ce, Pr, Er or Gd.
Payandeh GharibDoust S.H., Ravnsbaek D.B., Cerny R. and Jensen T.R.
Dalton Trans. (2017), 46, 13421-13431

Synthesis, structure and Li-ion conductivity of LiLa(BH4)3X, X = Cl, Br, I.
Payandeh GharibDoust S.H., Brighi M., Sadikin Y., Ravnsbaek D., Cerny R., Skibsted J. and Jensen T.R.
Phys. Chem. C (2017), 121, 19010-19021

Variation of Tc, lattice parameter and atomic ordering in Nb3Sn platelets irradiated with 12 MeV protons: correlation with the number of induced Frenkel defects.
R. Flükiger, T. Spina, F. Cerutti, A. Ballarino, C. Scheuerlein, L. Bottura, Y. Zubavichus, A. Ryazanov, S. Shavkin, P. Degtyarenko, Y. Semenov, C. Senatore and R. Cerny
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FOX, current state and possibilitites.
Cerny R., Favre-Nicolin V., Rohlicek J. and Husak M.
Crystals (2017), 7, 322,

Solid Aluminum Borohydrides as Perspective Hydrogen Stores.
Dovgaliuk I., Safin D., Tumanov N., Morelle F., Cerny R., Lodziana Z., Devillers M. and Filinchuk Ya.
ChemSusChem (2017), in press,

Modified anion packing of Na2B12H12 in close to room temperature superionic conductors.
Sadikin Y., Schouwink P., Brighi M., Lodziana Z. and Cerny R.
Inorg. Chem. (2017), 56, 5006-5016,

Ionic conduction in bimetallic borohydride borate, LiCa3(BH4)(BO3)2.
Didelot E. and Cerny R.
Solid State Ionics (2017), 305, 16-22,

Li5(BH4)3NH, lithium rich mixed anion complex hydride.
Wolczyk A., Paik B., Sato T., Nervi C., Brighi M., Payandeh GharibDoust S.H., Chierotti M., Matsuo M., Li G., Gobetto R., Jensen T., Cerny R. Orimo S.-I. and Baricco M.
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Hydrogen sorption in erbium borohydride composite mixtures with LiBH4 and/or LiH.
Heere M., Payandeh GharibDoust S.H., Brighi M., Frommen Ch., Sørby M.H., Cerny R., Jensen T.R. and Hauback B.C.
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Crystal structures from powder diffraction: principles, difficulties and progress.
Cerny R.
Crystals (2017), 7, 142,

Metal borohydrides and derivatives – synthesis, structure and properties.
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Anion disorder in K3BH4B12H12 and its effect on cation mobility.
Sadikin Y., Skoryunov R.V., Babanova O.A., Soloninin A.V., Lodziana Z., Brighi M., Skripov A.V. and Cerny R.
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Synthesis, structure and properties of new bimetallic sodium and potassium lanthanum borohydrides.
Payandeh GharibDoust S.H., Heere M., Sorby M., Brix Ley M.,Ravnsbaek D.B., Hauback B.,Cerny R. and Jensen T.R.
Dalton Trans. (2016), 45, 19002

From M(BH4)3 (M = La, Ce) borohydride frameworks to controllable synthesis of ion conductors.
Brix Ley M., Jorgensen M., Cerny R., Filinchuk Y. and Jensen T.R.
Inorg. Chem. 55 (2016) 9748–9756

Halide free M(BH4)2 (M=Sr, Ba, Eu) synthesis, structure and decomposition.
Sharma M., Didelot E., Spyratou A., Lawson Daku L.M., Cerny R. and Hagemann H.
Inorg. Chem. 55 (2016) 7090-7097

Synthesis and thermal stability of perovskite alkali metal strontium borohydrides
K. T. Møller, M. B. Ley, P. Schouwink, R. Černý, T. R. Jensen
Dalton Trans. 45 (2016) 831-840

High-Pressure Study of Mn(BH4)2 Reveals a Stable Polymorph with High Hydrogen Density
N. A. Tumanov, E. Roedern, Z. Łodziana, D. B. Nielsen, T. R. Jensen, A. V. Talyzin, R. Černý, D. Chernyshov, V. Dmitriev, T. Palasyuk, Y. Filinchuk
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Fast ion conduction in garnet-type metal borohydrides Li3K3Ce2(BH4)12 and Li3K3La2(BH4)12
M. Brighi, P. Schouwink, Y. Sadikin, R. Černý
J. Allloys Compd. 662 (2016) 388–395

Structural and magnetocaloric properties of novel gadolinium borohydrides
P. Schouwink, E. Didelot, Y.-S. Lee, T. Mazet, R. Černý
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Jahn-Teller induced nematic orbital order in tetragonal Sr2VO4
J. Teyssier, E. Giannini, A. Stucky, R. Černý, M. V. Eremin, D. van der Marel
Phys. Rev. B 93 (2016) 125138



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Schouwink P., Ramel A., Giannini, E. and Cerny R.
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Isotope Exchange Reactions in Ca(BH4)2
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Alkali metal – yttrium borohydrides: The link between coordination of small and large rare-earth
Sadikin Y., Stare K., Schouwink P., Brix Ley M., Jensen T.R., Meden A. and Cerny R.
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Synthesis, structure and dehydrogenation of zirconium borohydride octaammoniate
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Experimental observation of polymerization from BH4– to B12H122− in mixed-anion A3BH4B12H12 (A = Rb+, Cs+)
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Int. J. Hydrogen. Energ., 40 (2015) 10902-10907

Trends in Syntheses, Structures, and Properties for Three Series of Ammine Rare-Earth Metal Borohydrides, M(BH4)3·nNH3 (M = Y, Gd, and Dy)
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Increasing Hydrogen Density with the Cation-Anion Pair BH4−-NH4+ in Perovskite-Type NH4Ca(BH4)3
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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Atomic Motion in Bimetallic Perovskite-Type Borohydrides ACa(BH4)3 (A = K, Rb, or Cs)
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Superionic Conduction of Sodium and Lithium in Anion-Mixed Hydroborates Na3BH4B12H12 and (Li0.7Na0.3)3BH4B12H12
Sadikin, Y., Brighi, M., Schouwink, P., Cerny, R.
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interconnected frameworks.
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