The service division of the Laboratory of Crystallography, run by Céline Besnard and Laure Guénée is responsible for the crystallography service of the University of Geneva. Both powder and single crystal samples can be analyzed structurally and under variable temperature conditions. Powder samples can be measured both in reflection and transmission geometry, within a temperature range from -150°C to 500 °C. Single crystals can be measured from room temperature to liquid nitrogen. Priority is given to the research groups of the chemistry and biochemistry section of the University of Geneva, but we also provide crystallographic service to other departments. Service to outside parties is on a commercial basis.


For groups already using the single crystal analysis service, please fill in this form and have it signed by your group leader and bring it with your samples.

Formulaire_RX_V3.pdf Formulaire_RX_V3.docx

For new users of the crystallographic service, please fill in the form below and we will contact you very soon.

Crystallographic service contact form

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